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Athens: Merry Christmas, Happy Crisis

A little girl is sitting on the hard, cemented ground. Packed in warm clothes, wearing a knitted cap. The child, no older than ten years old, is a little beggar. One of the many in one of the most popular shopping streets on Athens, Ermou. People pass by, they maybe throw a coin to the girl’s small rattan basket.

But here come four police officers. Tall, serious and rigid. Following the book of law…

One policeman grabs the rattan basket and shakes it it front of the child. A threaning gesture, the child must go away.


The little girl stands up and goes. Helpless and silent in front of the law…

 source: newsit

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  1. “One policeman grabs the rattan basket and shakes it it front of the child. A threaning gesture, the child must go away.”

    >> Coward and stupid! They bow to those Troika masters, but they look down on their own little ones.

    Is this the land of Pythagore, of Archemede, of Plato?

  2. Silent she may be, forget she will not.
    Another angry citizen is born…

    Is it really too much to simply ask her her name, how she is, why she is where she is. 5 minutes to let her tell her story. It wouldn’t even have to cost him. Just a little compassion in showing her she is NOT alone would prevent all the hassle and trouble this child is undoubtedly heading for.

  3. Then again, maybe they already know her name and age because the have to tell her every day to move along. Maybe the threatening gesture was made because this was the third encounter with her that day.

  4. What if one day she might become a billionair or Greek Primi Minister?

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    one first combats those exploiting children, then offers them shelter.

  6. And that somehow excuses treating a child, or anybody, like that????
    In 7 or 8 years time people will be wondering why this young woman is so angry with society, why she possibly is a drug addict, homeless, petty criminal… This simple act of aggression, all 5 seconds of it, is why!
    This is what she will remember when the anger gets the better of her. And she will rightfully conclude that those representing society made it perfectly clear they don’t care one bit about her, so why should she? And we have yet another vicious circle, created by thoughlessness of those who should know better…

  7. Are there Greek disasporas in the USA, Canada, Ausralia? Can they give a helping hand?

  8. Here is a video I made last year of a similar little girl who was sitting along the pedestrian way in front of the Acropolis. I did not just walk by and leave her there alone…but, who has seen the truth? Who is trying to make an honest difference. It is not the child who is to blame…’ARE WE NOT OUR BROTHER’S KEEPERS?’ Stop and listen to this music…

  9. Here is the little girl with her playing only…

    Give to someone less fortunate than you this Christmas Holiday!