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Greece’s political parties get funding according to elections results of 2009 (lol)

What if the composition of the Greek parliament changed after the elections of May and June 2012. What if some political parties do not have representatives in the Parliament anymore and were kicked out by other parties. They will get funded and thus according to the results of the elections of 2009.

PASOK 3,107,705 euro

Nea Dimocratia  2,429,469 euro

KKE 746,737 euro

LAOS* 622,748 euro

SYRIZA 556,005 euro

Eco-Greens*  257,333 euro

*not elected in the parliament in June 2012 elections but receive LAOS almost 2,1 million euro and Eco-Greens 750K.

And here we have one more of the many Greek paradoxes: SYRIZA – 2. party in June – gets less than KKE – 7. in June – and much much less than PASOK that came 3 in June but it was 1. in 2009.

Independent Greeks, Democratic left and Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) get nothing as they were not in the parliament in 2009.

The total amount of 7,720,000 euro is the third tranche of the funding for 2012 for the purposes of financial support, research and education. The disbursement of the funding was approved on Wednesday by the Interior Minister and the deputy Finance Minister.

Where does the money come from? From the loan tranche released by the Troika in December.

How stupid they forgot to change this weird law that sets the rules for party funding assuming parliament elections take place every four years…

PS I thought the loan tranche money would flow into the real economy. But maybe I have misunderstood the prime minister and the other government officials.


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  1. Nothing weird about it. 😉 I stopped asking “Why?” a couple of years after coming to live in Greece……Upside down is normal now 😉

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    perfect assimilation lol

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