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Anarchist organization “Wild Freedom” claims responsibility for Athens Mall bomb

An organization calling itself “Wild Freedom – Promoters of Social Explosions” -“Partnership of anarchist organisations” claimed responsibility for the bomb in Athens Mall last Sunday. In a long statement posted on the website Indymedia, the organization that appears for the first time noted among others:

-the target was The Mall for symbolically representing the inhuman capitalism and the intermingling of politics, business and justice and  furthermore because it belongs to a company whose ownership made money during the Nazi occupation.

– the organization did not want any victims therefore it chose Sunday morning for the explosion and made four warning phone calls:

 ” We made phone calls to The Mall security company, Eleftherotypia newspaper, website and To Pontiki [weekly political magazine]. Pontiki phone operator considered the warning call as a farce…”

– ‘distraction of  attention’ was one of their two aims, as the Lagarde list and every scandal was a tiny example of the ‘decay of the administrators of this world.

– The roganization makes reference to the squats evictions in Athens.

“We are anarchists, anti-state and enemies of democracy,” the organization notes adding it has denounced the whole political system. It expresses solidarity with prisoners in Greece and around the world.

Click to read the whole statement in Greek.



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