Greek health care: EU-citizens and third-country nationals to pay double prices for hospital treatment

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The decree issued last October by Greek health ministry separates patients into two categories: Greeks and foreigners. This health care scheme separating patients in two classes will charge foreigners receiving treatment in public hospitals with double prices and thus for the same service received by the Greeks.

According to the controversial decree, the daily fees in public hospitals should be calculated with another rate for citizens from EU-member states and third-country nationals. The rate factor is 2.09 for the prices indicated in the national health care system price list.

This will end up, that foreigners from EU or third countries without permanent residence permit will pay double prices for the same health care services Greeks receive.

Several doctors unions but also migrants and refugees organizations appealed to Supreme Court asking for the cancellation of the decree for violating the Greek Constitution, the Convention of Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. The court decision is due. (

PS I heard, the government was planning to promote ‘medical tourism’. Apparently they didn’t have it in mind when they signed this decree. Did they?