Greek Radio-Television Council to censor images of “Greeks in Misery”

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Last week, Greece’s National Radio and Television Council (ESR) suggested to television stations to refrain from displaying images of homeless and other people in need, showing the misery of Greeks. Such images and camera shots could be broadcast only after consent of the persons involved.

Real News owner Nikos Chatzinikolaou described the decision as “censorship” and demanded that the ESR needed to define “misery”.

“Do the images of people standing line for a bag of free food show misery? Are the media allowed to display them or not? Is it allowed to show people searching in the garbage bins for for? ESR needs to define what they want us to display and what not. And further, the ESR needs to explain the reasoning for such a decision and thus for each and every image 0 whether it’s allowed or not. Is it allowed to mention the 3,000 people who committed suicide or shouldn’t I?”

And TO VIMA journalist Dimitris Galanis wondered if the next ESR decision would be the banning of publishing the unemployment rates or the news about people who commit suicides due to economic problems.

“Press reports indicate that this decision was taken after government intervention. Of course, this information is difficult to cross check. However, if applicable, the question is why the ESR continue to be called an Independent Authority?”

PS I expect my television screen to turn as pink as it gets and thus as soon as possible.