UPD: Lamia: protesting farmers clash with riot police, 4 injured, 11 arrested (video)

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Protesting farmers clashed with riot police at the Athens-Lamia highway near Anthili area on Wednesday morning. the situation got out of control when the farmers moved to the daily blocking of the highway in the context of their broader protests.


The farmers hurled stones, oranges, wood pieces and other items against the riot police that fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.


According to local online newspaper Lamia Report, the head of the police force and one farmer got injured.

video: incredible scenes!

Άγριο ξύλο στην Ανθήλη ανάμεσα σε αγρότες και… από LAMIASTARGR

According to latest information, two policemen and two farmers were injured and eleven protesters were detained.