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Greek FM complains to UN about Turkey’s exploration permits in continental shelf areas

Greek Foreign Ministry submitted a verbal note to United Nations on Thursday over Turkey’s granting exploration permits in areas of the Greke continental shelf.

Below, Greek Foreign Ministry press release:

Foreign Ministry announcement regarding the sending of a note verbale to the United Nations on the safeguarding of Greece’s sovereign rights on the continental shelf

“Upon instructions of Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos, a note verbale was submitted to the UN yesterday, in which Greece notifies the UN of Turkey’s granting of exploration permits for areas of the Greek continental shelf.

This action on the part of the Foreign Ministry safeguards Greece’s stance in defence of our country’s sovereign rights, in accordance with customary and conventional Law of the Sea, and specifically the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982).

It is to be noted that, directly upon learning of Turkey’s granting of permits, the Greek government proceeded to the appropriate demarches to Turkey.

With yesterday’s action, Greece notifies the United Nations Organization and its competent organs, and the note verbale will be published in the Law of the Sea Bulletin.

Greece wants to have good neighbourly relations with Turkey, as well as with all the countries in its region, based on mutual respect and international legality, particularly regarding matters that concern our sovereign rights and the exploitation of our natural wealth.” (mfa.gr)

So far, there is no official reaction from Turkey.

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