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Daily Archives: March 5, 2013

Greek FinMin grabs last €129 euro from jobless’ bank account – without permission!

What we have been reading about the decision that the Greek finance ministry may grab money from bank accounts without the holder’s permission came true. A Greek jobless, father of three,  saw his last 129 euro disappear from his bank account and thus without previous warning or his explicit permission. This …

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IKEA pulls almond cakes after faecal bacteria found

After the horsemeat scandal another food scandal will cause thousands of consumers to reconsider buying ready made food. IKEA pulled a batch of frozen almond cakes (made in China) from its restaurants in 23 countries after Chinese authorities said they contained coliform faecal bacteria. “Swedish furniture giant Ikea pulled a …

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Eurostat: With 67 years Greeks rank 3. in life expectancy among EU27

Reading the latest Eurostat report on life expectancy, I couldn’t help but thinking “no wonder the Troika wants to hack into a minimum the pensions and cut health care to the absolute necessary.” Together with Irish and Luxembourgians, Greeks rank third among the folks of EU 27 member states when it …

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Greek General Stab forbids soldiers to protest in uniform

Chief of Greek General Stab, Gen. Michalis Kostarakos explicitly forbade soldiers to hold protests wearing their uniforms. The order was issued last week, just days before the protest rally scheduled for upcoming Saturday, March 9th 2013. Active and retired members of the Greek Armed Forces will launch a march rally in order to …

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Farmers from all over Greece launch protest rally in Athens

More than 4,000 farmers staged a protest rally in downtown Athens on Tuesday noon. Farmers from all over Greece gathered outside the Ministry for Agricultural Development and marched towards the Greek Parliament. There, they wanted to hand out a list with their demands to the Parliament speaker. Video: farers protest video …

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Athens: PPC cuts electricity to IKA branch due to outstanding debts

Greek Public Power Company (DEH) cut on Tuesday morning the electricity supply to IKA branch in Acharnes suburb due to outstanding debts. Unconfirmed information claim the debts reach several thousands of euro. Speaking to news portal NewsIt, the branch director said they were looking into the problem of power outage. …

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