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Is it true, the Troika complained about the Athens strays & demanded measures?

Are we just about to see austerity measures imposed to Athens strays? Do the Troikans gave up numbers and balance sheets and started to deal with the stray dogs of this city? There are reports in the Greek media, that the Troikans complained to finance minister about the incident on Sunday, where the strays ‘protested’ their arrival to Greece’s finance ministry building.

“According to daily Dimokratia, the representatives of Greece’s lenders did not let their adventure with the dogs go unnoticed. They underlined to Yiannis Stournaras, that the presence of stray packs in the Greek capital was unacceptable and asked that measures should be taken.” (Dimokratia via enikos.gr)

We admit that Sunday confrontation with the dogs was rather unpleasant for the representatives of IMF, EU and ECB, who were taken by surprise by the original protest and proved they had no idea how to deal with four-legged strays.

We also agree, that they most probably do not like dogs. Everyone who has a dog can tell, he’d bark when he smells fear, increased adrenaline in human sweat or when he feels in danger.

As the strays were not aware of the strict austerity measures, I would hardly believe, they barked to protest austerity.

Following option should not be excluded as well: that those supporting the extermination of the strays or of barking dogs via the new animals law in Greece may have tricked the Dimocratia news out of their fingers. And they choose they easy way as usual: to blame the Troika for all imposed measures….

We immediately demand clarification by the Troika on this issue!

Not to mention that the Troika needs to write an open support to Athens strays.

Some rumors on the Greek internet claim, it was EU Commission representative Mattias Morse who complained to Stournaras.

PS that’s exactly what we re missing in Greece: that the Troika demands measures against the strays… HA!



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  1. There shouldn’t be any stray dogs in Athens in the first place!
    Perhaps people who buy dogs should stop being so selfish and abandoning them!

  2. We’ve had lots of stray horses turned into burgers, as we all know. But why limit ourselves to just horses? The options are much wider. Dogs, Cats, Troikans,…there’s a whole new industry up for grabs here:)

  3. How can those dogs be “strays” when they all have dog collars on??? Looks more like people don’t keep an eye on their pets, and allow them to roam wherever and poop wherever, which is not right. I own dogs and I keep them secure behind a fence where they have plenty of room to roam, and when I take them to a public place, I bring paper towels and a plastic bag if they should leave behind a deposit. Looks like Greeks are not very caring about fellow Greeks and not very caring at all about their pets. Shame on the Greeks!!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      ignorance is worse than stupidity! over these stray dogs are under supervision of Athens municipality and are fed/get med care etc by animal welfare organizations. the tags provided by municipality show the dog has been vacinated and has municip phone number. plus flea collars.

      • KTG, you are correct. But what Ann says has some merit because you can not walk in any Athens city without running into dog poop. Please tell me I’m wrong and cross your heart.

        This country may be many things, but as you know from the Barrel Dogs, animal welfare as a rule is not on the top of the list.

        Sorry, Love your site, but have to be honest. Dog poop is everywhere and it disgusts some of us.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          I will ask municipalities to put pants on strays.
          Ann is an anti-Greek GD supporter from diaspora. equally are her comments to be considered.

    • giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

      Would be much sweeter if you do the same with your car. It’s unbelievable that everybody has to breath your poison gas. Why don’t you are friendly to the environment and keep the exhaust inside?

  4. The treatment of dogs and cats throughout Greece has always been cause for embarrassment.

  5. Susan Aivatzidis

    What a load of shite KTG , typical Greek style. Of course the Troika wants something done about the stray dogs. Civilized countries do not leave packs of stray dogs abandoned without food , water, and left to the mercy of the local poisoner. Why do foriegners always have to advise the Greeks about how to behave? Not only the Troika disapproves of the way Greeks treat animals the rest of the world does too!If the Greeks had managed to run their own country without all the theft and corruption the Troika would not even be there in the first place. Typical Greek response : deny all responsibilty and blame everyone else!