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Horse DNA found in Greek “farmhouse” sausages

Greek Food Control Authority (EFET) found horse DNA in sausages. The specific product with the name “farmhouse sausage” had the commercial name “Nostima” (delicious). The sausages have been produced-packed by a company in Northeastern Greece. near Alexandroupolis.

horse DNA in sausage

The sausages were bearing production date 23. Feb 2013 and expire date 25. Mar 2013. EFET requested the withdrawal of the product.

From 78 samples tested so far, 6 have been found to contain horse DNA.

On February, EFET collected a total of 177 samples with meat products, after the horsemeat scandal broke out in Europe.

PS with this testing speed, we will stll be eating beef with horse DNA until summer…


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  1. which summer do you mean? 2013? 2014? or 2525?

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    the summers to come… lol