Saturday , February 17 2018
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Almost done with the upgrading of KTG

ufffffffffffff! We are almost done with the Upgrading of “”. In fact we are ready at 96.76%. Minor corrections still need to be done.

We hope you like the new template – ‘theme’ that is.

It was a very work intense and exhausting weekend. But when there are some great guys around… things are easier 🙂

Apologies for the inconvenience.

PS nothing groundbreaking happened while we were way.

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  1. Well, that was a surpise. I am still thinking about it but I think I like it. Well done, from experience I know that it always is a hell of a job to upgrade or migrate a system.

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    thank you. as said: we’re still working on it. It is indeed a hell of a job. Certainly much easier to create a new site than migrate an old one.

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    thank you 🙂 I can smell the lavender here ….

  4. To my taste -but that is personal- I think it would be wise to widen the page. It looks a bit cramped. Also, the header up is a bit too heigh. But you are bound by the restrictions of the theme I guess. I assume site maintenance is easier now. For the rest it looks very good

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    thank you. for the time being we focus on fixing other more important issues. once it’s done we’ll come to fine tuning. I used Ctrl+ and now I even think , the page is …huge