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Greece vs Germany: Eating at a Restaurant

Eating culture can say a lot about nations, folks and people. Greece and Germany? Two folks living on different planets in universes far away from each other. Therefore, there can never be an understanding between indebted Greeks and the rulers of the Eurozone.

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  1. There can never be an understanding between the aggressor and the victim. There was no understanding in WW2 when they were killing indiscriminately, burning the country from one end to the other and looting its assets. There can be no understanding now either. They have attacked again and they will not stop until they own the ruins they have created.
    They are the same people, with the same instincts. They even refuse to repay the money they stole from Greece back then, let alone reparations of war.
    This nation is a dangerous predator and thrives, among other things, on the historical amnesia of the peoples of Europe (UK excepted). From that point of view, the fate of Greece and of the rest of the Eurozone is well-deserved.

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  3. Don’t you think that is a little bit over the top? I know many decent German people that really feel bad about what their country did in WWII. I think they did a lot of soul searching, especially during the 60s and 70s. I am very critical about Germany but don’t equate people with their governments.

  4. Well, it never seizes to amaze me how full the terrasses and restaurants are in Greece considering there is a crisis. Normally dining out is the first thing people economize on when there is a crisis. For sure there are many people in Greece hit hard by the crisis and you won’t see them dining out.
    For the rest I don’t think this video was even remotely funny. Looked to me a bit like German humour.

  5. to make it more true, there would not be an option to pay with credit card in Greece…

  6. Giaourti Giaourtaki

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