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Anyone having problems with ‘Comments Captcha’?

anyone having problems with comments ‘captcha’? I think I saw a relevant comment by GiGi but the moment I approved it it …disappeared.

thanks for the feedback



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  1. Thanks for checking this!
    At the moment it works fine, no idea. For old KTG it was necessary to change ip or browser or even restart the machine to try it again but the text wasn’t gone lost. So now I’ve did the last posts still with the same browser and ip, if you repaired something this was may be helpful

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    I did nothing. occasionally some plug-ins do not work right from time to time. as said: we still checking the operation.

  3. Sorry, but I’ve missed the latter. I’ve get to get used to it, may be make backups if something is important for me but I’m not sure if I’ll get used to the whole, as for me it appears like the site is now made for touchscreen only and so I’ve to be careful with that cursor to not open windows I didn’t aimed for.
    But why is the site still that slow? Or will it get faster soon and more coloured also?
    I guess in a few years smart-phones will get big like tablets as everybody is killing ones eyes

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    for sure you’ll get used. I;m getting used to it too 🙂
    slow because we did not restore some server things yet.
    more coloured???

  5. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    May be a layout with more contrast, it’s a bit difficult but with a different browser it’s also a bit easier.
    Since you have to get used to it also this is more important. So don’t worry and thanks again.
    All the best with KTG!

  6. keeptalkinggreece

    you know, templates limit administrators’ fantasy.
    thank you. I hope you voted in KTG’s Design Poll.

  7. The main problem is not with captcha but with posting comments. It is that on my computer the font for typing replies is so small that I cannot read it. When posted, the font is about three times the size…

  8. keeptalkinggreece

    click ‘Ctrl’ & ‘+’ to enlarge screen

  9. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    nope, too early

  10. keeptalkinggreece

    mmmm :((((

  11. keeptalkinggreece

    test 1

  12. keeptalkinggreece

    test 2

  13. OK, that’s better. But is it not possible to change the font size when writing the post? It’s still a third of the size of the actual posted text!

  14. keeptalkinggreece

    I don;t have this problem I mean all fonts same

  15. Ahh. It must be the screen resolution on my computer:-(

  16. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Hopefully there’s no deadline, XaXa
    But the site works better now, since a few hours, may be after your test.
    btw., it happened again “with captcha” but this time I figured I’ve put the numbers into the (wrong) field for website, hopefully this was the same reason last time.

  17. keeptalkinggreece


  18. keeptalkinggreece

    tja … wrong captcha = wrong result . and Yes! there is a deadline !

  19. LOL. In true Greek style, he needs to be given a deadline so that he can post a vote 60 seconds before! The solution with Greeks and deadlines is to give them deadlines much earlier than given to Europeans. That way everything id kept in order :-).