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Snowstorm on the Mt. Olympus in the middle of Greek summer

A snowstorm started on the Mount Olympus in the early morning hours of Monday although the calendar shows July 17th. With an elevation of 2,918 m  Mt Olympus is the highest mountain of Greece located on the border between Macedonia and Thessaly, some 80km south of Thessaloniki.

Temperature fell sharply on Sunday evening as barometric low Medusa is sweeping across the country, with thunder- and rainstorms.

The weather conditions on the Mt Olympus are hindering the Search & Rescue efforts of the rescue troops EMAK of the Greek Fire Brigades searching for a Romanian climber since Saturday evening.

The climber got trapped in a hillside of the mountain as he was trying to reach the top of  the mountain. He had initially contacted EMAK but the rescue troops have not managed to locate him so far.

The weather deterioration on Sunday and the snowstorm make the rescue operation even more difficult.

Greek Summer 2017 seems to be particularly weird with lots of rainstorms and hail.

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