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Tourism, food industries workers on 24h strike, July 20/2017

The union representing employees in the tourism and food industries has called a 24-hour strike Thursday, July 20th 2017, over what it says is a deterioration of its workers’ rights amid record tourist arrivals boosting the industry.

The record arrivals have no the slightest effect in the labor conditions of those working in the industry, union POEE-YTE said in a statement.

The union speaks of “employers’ lawlessness that manipulates and deregulates labor relations, imposing flexible working conditions at low cost and limited labor and social security rights.”

the union accuses the government that with the new legislation if facilitates mass lay-offs.

The union plans a protest gathering at Klafthmonos square in downtown Athens at 10 a.m. Thursday

The strike may cause disruptions to service at hotels and sites.

PS go grab some rolls from the bakery, tomatoes, cheese and water from the local groceries, ice-cream and biscuits from the kiosk. It’s just one day.

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  1. Can we have an update on how many participants this strike will have had? My guess: Zero