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Municipality contract worker stabs mayor of Elefsina in his office

A 35-year-old man had been arrested as suspect for the stabbing and injuring of mayor of Elefsina. Giorgos Tsoukalas, on Monday. Despite initial media reports that the attacker was not unemployed but his short term contact as cleaner is to expire in September.

The attack took place around 12 noon on Monday. The municipality worker had asked to see the mayor and although there was no previous appointment the mayor accepted. They talked behind closed doors.

After the attack, the perpetrator exited the mayor’s office as if nothing had happened and left.

The mayor came out of his office bleeding and called for help. Tsoukalas was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery for two wounds. His condition is stable. He has lost a lot of blood as one of the arteries was injured.

The attacker threw the knife on nearby garbage bin.

He was arrested short time later at a local cafeteria.

Athens News Agency writes that the attack had nothing to do with the work contract but that the man was suffering from psychological issues and had been treated in a psychiatric clinic in the past. State broadcaster ERT TV reported that the attacker told police he had cut his medication half a year ago.

The attack has been condemned by the political world, the federation of mayors and municipality workers.

PS  nonchalant: stab a man, go for a frappe…

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  1. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    Increasingly, violence in Europe is following the US pattern — that is, along with “logical” violence being used to commit crimes, there is also a large number of people with psychiatric conditions who are not being supported. As socio-economic conditions deteriorate across the EU, more and more people are losing their grip on sanity and commiting mindless violence. This is a social crisis everywhere.