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Commission spokesman says Turkey’s actions make EU membership impossible

The actions of the Turkish authorities are making it “impossible” for the country to join the European Union, an EU executive said on Monday, reuters reports. A day earlier both chancellor candidates, Angela Merkel (CDU) and Martin Schulz (SPD) after German Chancellor Angela Merkel also said that turkey’s Eu membership was impossible and called for ending accession talks.

Quoting European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker from last week, before Merkel’s election campaign comment, the Commission’s chief spokesman told a regular news briefing: “Turkey is taking giant strides away from Europe and that is making it impossible for Turkey to join the European Union.”

He stressed, however, that any decision on whether to formally halt the long-stalled membership process would be up to the 28 member states of the bloc, not the Brussels executive.

KTG understands that the statement was made by Margariti Schinas on his regular briefing on Monday.

During the major TV duel between chancellor candidates Angela Merkel (CDU) and Martin Schulz (SPD) on Sunday, both said Turkey could not become an EU member.

The German chancellor said she did not believe Turkey should become a member of the EU, and that she would take up with her EU partners the issue of ending accession talks with Ankara.

Schulz, her Social Democrat rival in elections on 24 September, said if he became the next chancellor, he would be much more candid than Merkel in his criticism of Turkey’s contravention of human rights under the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Schulz said Turkey had “crossed all the red lines” and therefore it could no longer become a member of the EU. He added that as German chancellor he would break off EU accession talks with Ankara.

Ankara responded accusing both German candidates of populism.

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  1. Why am I not surprised lol

    So the Great Oz has spoken. Note that this tremendous announcement is fact- and reason- free, our new normal. Except for (unspecified) “human rights” issues which never bothered the Commission before i.e. not in the cases of our illegal, undeclared ‘humanitarian’ wars against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria…..