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Tired of Greek sunshine? National Meteo warns of powerful rainfalls & storms

Officially it is autumn. Unofficially it is still Greek summer with bright sunshine and temperatures above 30-32 degrees Celsius. Aren’t you tired of this? If you are… I have good news for you:

Greece’s National Meteorology Service (EMY) warns of  upcoming weather deterioration with powerful rainfalls and storms, while hail and very strong winds are not excluded.

According to EMY warning, the bad weather front will affect initially the North-West of the country as of Friday afternoon and later expand to the South.


Friday, Sept 8,2017

Affected ares are the islands in the Ionian Sea, Epirus, Western Sterea and North-West Peloponnese.

Saturday, Sep 9, 2017

In addition to the areas mentioned above, also affected will be: Western Macedonia, possibly Central Sterea, Central Macedonia and Thessaly.

In the rest of the country: sunshine and a few clouds, although increased in the East.

Meteorologists estimate that the weather deterioration is temporary. weather improvement is forecast as of  Saturday noon and from West to the East.


15-29 C in Macedonia, Western Greece

20-32 C Central and South Greece

up to 29C Cyclades, up to 31 C Crete, islands of Eastern Aegean Sea and Dodecannese.


South winds with maximum intensity up 4-5 Beaufort in the Ionian Sea.

South winds with maximum intensity up 4-5 Beaufort in the Aegean Sea, locally up to 6B in North Aegean.

Summer will return on Sunday, Sept 10th, with temperatures over 35C  in the eastern Aegean islands.

Enjoy a good swim 🙂


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  1. I used to think that it was only the English who were obsessed with the weather, but since I’ve lived here, I realised that the Greeks talk (and complain) about the weather almost as much as the English do.

  2. it’s always the sun….

  3. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    The people who talk obsessively about the weather are those who suffer from completely unpredictable and unreliable weather conditions. Greece used to have a predictable climate: it has no longer. This is something in common with UK weather, and why Greeks now talk incessantly about the weather but did not in the past.

  4. we have always talked about the weather here – especially people who have to deal with works, travel, farming breeding etc affected by weather.