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NATO officer nearly strangles taxi driver taking him to US naval base in Souda

A NATO officer serving at the US naval base of Souda, Crete, nearly strangled a taxi driver who to taking him to his work place.

The taxi driver had picked up the foreign national in the city of Chania and was taking him to Souda base.

Suddenly and without a reason, the NATO officer grabbed the driver’s throat and started to press.

Caught by surprise and in panic, the driver managed to turn the vehicle’s wheel to the opposite traffic lane, stopped the car and began to call for help.

Another taxi driver rushed and freed his colleague from the hands of the NATO officer who seemed to be in frenzy.

Police who rushed to the area, arrested the NATO officer who is to face justice.

Local, notes that such incidents with NATO officers occur quite often. “Either under the influence of alcohol or of other substance, NATO officers cause  upheavals and quarrels for significant reasons.”

PS I am not so sure the NATO officer will face Greek justice. They do have some kind of immunity, don;t they?

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  1. NATO has proved itself a Trojan Horse for all of Europe.

  2. Hecataeus Miletus

    It depends what country this NATO officer is from. If he is an American Navy military person, it will depend on what the base Commander and Local Prosecuter decide as several US Military people have done time in Greek prisons but normally it’s because the US Commander releases them to the Prosecuter. Just from what I read, I would imagine that the US Commander would release him considering this seems like an assault, and most probably the Nato officer was not in an official duty capacity at the time of him attacking. Also, the newspaper saying that this happens all the time is false. There are plenty of drunk people getting arrested and having fights and some of them are Americans but certainly not the way the article describes. The US Commander generally wants to keep in good graces with the Local authorities and will release the service man to them unless it looks suspicious in nature, and then due to the status of forces agreeement, the serviceman can be kept or tried in a US military court. This is what I’ve heard from friends in the US Military in the states I just asked about this.

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    Thanks for the feedback. note: there are brawls in the area, whether low-grade servicemen or high-ranking officers NATO or US, I cannot tell. But we read it in the local media fttt.

  4. Hecataeus Miletus

    @KTG, The Local Greek Press in Chania is not as reliable. If this was a serious issue, I believe we would see this in the main stream Greek news media like ERT, Antenna, Star, etc. From talking to a friend of mine who actually is now at the Souda Bay base as an American Navy enlisted man, he says that the guys from the base get blamed for any foreigners, tourists etc, becase that is what sells newspapers lol. However, to be fair, in Okinawa in Japan, there is a serious problem for years with US Military serviceman harrassing Japanese citizens etc. But even that is being monitored to punish the offenders very seriously. Truly, people are people, and some people when drunk do horrible things. But at least in Souda, when one of our US Servicemen commit a crime, rest assured that the US Justice system is much more strict then the Greek justice system, and I would imagine spending 6 months in a Greek jail in a protected wing as high profile prisoner to keep him safe would be more pleasant than in a US Military jail in general population. Anyways, I hope this person will be punished if this story is true. Unfortunately, we don’t know the side of the story from serviceman and whether he was provoked or attacked by the taxi driver.

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    @Hecateus Hear-saying from a base personnel is not as reliable. If this was a serious issue, I believe we would see a press release by the Souda Commander who never issues such press releases 😛

  6. Ok fair enough. The person who told me this I do trust. At any rate, if the serviceman is guilty he should time serve time in a Greek jail or a US Military prison.

  7. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    @Hecateus. The USA refuses to sign up to the International Criminal Court in the Hague because it does not accept the principle that its politicians and citizens are subject to international jurisdiction on war crimes and crimes against humanity. The USA is one of the few developed countries of the world that does not recognise hate crimes. The USA refuses to sign the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child because it does not accept that children have human rights that matter more than US laws. The USA continues to have mass slaughter of its citizens through mass gun ownership, and denies that there is any connection between the two.

    Basically, the USA is am arrogant and fairly lawless country, where the law works only for the rich and powerful. The idea that it would care about the breaking of other country’s laws by its military personnel is amusingly wrong. Look what they did in Iraq and elsewhere recently: torture, murder, pure nastiness and no apology to the people whose country was illegally occupied.

  8. @ Martin B-E You are 100% correct.

  9. Hecataeus Miletus

    to MBE, I cannot comment on all the topics you mention as I do not know. But I do know that there is a seperate penalty for hate crimes on top of the normal sentencing for whatever crime is committed if it is a hate crime. And also, I like to keep a positive attitude and believe that in all countries, there are good and bad, including the USA.

  10. Hecataeus Miletus

    @MBE: On a side note, a story but shows one point you are possibly right too. In the UK, they have strict laws on hate crimes etc. A friend, an American was speakiing on the Tube in London, and some man verbally accosted him and continued to use very nasty profanity and say nasty things about him being an American and Americans in general. His British friend that was with him helped him contacted the authorities at the next stop and this person who was verbally accosting the American guy was arrestedfor verbally harrassing him, a hate crime. Now, I’m not 100% sure if this is true, but would be good for British citizens who read this to say if this could be possible?

  11. This sounds like a straightforward (crazy-on-drugs) assault and not a hate crime.

  12. Hecataeus Miletus

    @Tsigantes, I hear you.. The reason I mentioned it was because the person said that in Britain if you mention any demographic (race, national origin, sexual orientation etc, in the verbal assault, or assault that it can be called a hate crime since you technically are singling out that person for a demographic reason. I suppose as an American, I’m used to being teased, harrassed because of the politiics (I’m non partisan myself) and I take it in stride in a good way, I’m not offended. Once people get to know me, they are not usually angry with me 🙂 But, according to him, Americans like all nationalities are also protected against harassment in London, not just refugees etc.

  13. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    @Hecateus. As I understand US law, there is no limit to freedom of speech. Hate speech does not exist in the USA. But you are right, hate crime does exist in US law as a worse version of a standard crime. I had meant to write hate speech, rather than hate crime.

    On the UK, yes as in most of northern Europe, hate speech is a criminal offence. In the context you describe it would be specifically harassment of a person. The story sounds very likely, since the legislation can protect anyone — not only non-white people or foreigners.

    The USA is unique in thinking that there is no relation between hate speech and hate crime; just as it thinks there is no connection between gun ownership and mass murders by looneys.

  14. Hecataeus Miletus

    @MBE, thanks for this thoughtful reply. Yes, of course, the USA certainly needs to change a few things, but I doubt that any change to gun control will be forthcoming. I would be happy possibly if a simple step of outlawing any multi-shot weapons, and also the prohibition of carrying weapons outside of the home unless a very thorough evaluation process is ascertained, similiar to a National Security background check, where the applicant must pay a fee, and be investigated thoroughly and also see a mental health professional for several visits where a profile could also be built, and then based on this, an agency to accredit each indivdiual gun owner. But, what I’m saying is probably nonsense, as people will say, who will pay for this infrastructure that will be created. Anyways… Kindness, and treating people with respect and truly caring about people is my goal for mankind….

  15. I want these British and US scumbags out of our country. All they do whenever they come here is act like monkeys and cause trouble. NATO is a global enemy and packed with barbarians and drunktards. And for all those of you who say ‘if it was serious it’d be streamed on the mainstream news”, are you idiots? You think the mainstream news would show allegations against NATO which has a base in Crete? Let me guess…most of you are Greeks who live in the US so your brains have already gone as naive as those of a dog. US citizens are notorious for how dumb and ill informed they are and it’s also known that Greeks who live in the US have adopted the same kind of thinking. You can’t seriously think that the local media isn’t reliable but that ‘mainstream media’ would be more reliable and In any case I’m not at all surprised that NATO soldiers and officers act like that. It’s in the nature of pampered arrogant people who usually come from the UK or US to act like that when in foreign lands, especially when they think they have some power. No simple Greek citizen here wants these monkeys in our lands. We want them out and away but unfortunately having these superior jerks here is part of us having traitorous governments so we have to tolerate them.