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Broken arm of Baby Jesus found abandoned on a street

The broken arm of a Baby Jesus was found abandoned on the pavement of a street in the center of the town of Nafpaktos in West Greece, two days after it was forcefully removed.

The creepy and damaged finding was spotted by a passerby who shot a picture and sent the evidence to a local newspaper.

The finding made of styrofoam painted in pale pink color was one of the two arms unknown perpetrators had cut off from Baby Jesus in the Nativity Crib scenery set up by the municipality.

Furthermore, the mean vandals had also caused damages to the feet of the Divine Infant.

Meanwhile, local media Nafpaktianews reports that the Mayor ordered the immediate restoration of the Baby Jesus figurine that got two completely new arms and had the feet painted anew.

The local society wonders what kind of Grinch could harm the Baby Jesus and try to steal their Christmas – or something like that.

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