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30-year-old Snowboarder dies in rare Vasilitsa avalanche

A 30-year-old snowboarder died in the hospital of Grevena early Friday afternoon, despite doctors’ efforts to bring him back to life. An avalanche in Vasilitsa ski center had swept him away and threw him at a tree where he reportedly suffered serious injuries.

The young man was transferred to the hospital of Grevena, Western Macedonia in Northern Greece, short time after the accident.

According to local, the man was visiting the ski resort in Vasilitsa  together with his friends.

Although the ski center was closed due to fog in the area, the group of 5 visitors from Athens decided to snowboard outside the ski trails, on Galani top that was covered with fresh snow.

An avalanche was formed and swept away two of the five snowboarders. One of them, the 30-year-old man, hit on a tree.

He was pulled out of the snow masses by the staff of the ski center, he was unconscious and with very low pulse.

He was transferred to a center’s chalet and the staff called for an ambulance.

Doctors at the hospital described his health condition as ‘critical.’

For two hours doctors were trying to save the young man, but any resuscitation attempts proved in vain. He never recovered. Doctors officially declared him dead early Friday afternoon.

All other members of the group are in good health.

Avalanches in the Ski Resort of Vasilitsa are reportedly a rare phenomenon.

According to latest media information, the ski center staff was surprised to see a group of people had climbed the mountain top on foot and despite the fact that the center was closed.

The snowboarder was studying medicine abroad and had come home over the Christmas vacations.


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