Wednesday , January 17 2018
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Just 3 Days left for KTG’s Crowdfunding: We need to cover another 9% of our goal

Just 3 days left – 72 hours –  to help Greek News in English and blog KeepTalkingGreece stay in operation also for 2016. Reaching even 50% of the original goal will be a guarantee that KTG will continue to be alive and kicking.  So far, we have reached 41% of …

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Greece’s Monday morning blues

Monday morning I turn on the TV to watch the ‘latest news’ and the the agenda of the week ahead. Monday morning, I realized, Greece is in the same stage we left it on Friday evening. Minus some assets, like the burned down cars by angry anarchists on Sunday. #Greece’s …

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Last Warning to “commentators” here

Comments containing words like “nazi”, “moron” or whatever other insults will be deleted without exception. I am fed up of this uncontrolled rhetoric leading to nowhere but to pure insulting each other. If you don’t like this rule, please, move to another playground.

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Too much thinking, too much listening, too much worrying, too much typing… then my fingers go independent and ;orhen ai can;t wirite [s dwwhat isd want or habve aopski mind …

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PM Samaras mobilizes old recipes: panic, dilemmas, scaremongering, Grexit

Two days before the first round of voting for Greece’s next President and government officials piously grabbed the pews in the sacred church of power and televion pannels, turned on the alarm lights of the government vehicles and set up to a frenzy populism campaing full of dilemmas, panic and …

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Presidential elections? I got that feeling of Greek Déjà vu

I have the strong feeling that since yesterday I live a Greek déjà vu experience. Components of the situation we face today that is the “political games vs snap elections” strongly remind me of summer of 2009, when then main opposition party PASOK was threatening the government of Nea Dimokratia …

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