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Education Ministry seeks protection behind metal sheets but angry students….

High school students protesting outside the Education Ministry? “No, thanks!” said minister Kostas Gavroglou and barricaded the building gates and doors with metal sheets. Minister Gavroglou could not see the protesters and the protesters were hindered into looking inside the ministry.   However, the angry students were not bothered by …

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Education Ministry revokes licenses of two well-known vocational centers

The education ministry’s General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning has revoked the license of a vocational training institute in Athens and a college operating in northern Greece. According to the ministry, IEK Xyni in Athens and the Mediterranean College in Thessaloniki did not fulfill at least one of the requirements for …

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UPD Greece’s public sector: Education Ministry plans exams to “legalize” 2,500 fake high-school certificates

Sometimes I really fail to understand the logic of this government. Greek Education Ministry plans to “legalize” 2,500 fake high-school degrees obtained by civil servants. “we have looked into the issue and have found them [2,500 fake school degrees],” a “source” told  Avgi, a daily close to SYRIZA. The source …

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Greek gov’t to issue 86,000 ‘civil mobilization’ orders for teachers …before the strike

Greek government is determined to have university entrance exams take place as scheduled. Starting date is the 17th of May 2013, not matter what. Therefore, after the teachers’ union announced on Friday that they would launch a strike, the education minister rushed to prime minister. Antonis Samaras signed a “civil …

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Education Ministry decision angers parents of special needs university candidates

Hundreds of students with special needs -candidates for the university entrance exams – are undergoing an unbelievable stress test as the Minister of Education, Anna Diamantopoulou, abolished the special exams centres in several areas across the country. Alone from the island of Crete 160 boys and girls will have to travel to …

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