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Greece: Political row between Deputy PM and Left party

Remember the yogurt that was hurled against the deputy prime minister Theodoros Pangalos? The yogurt may have been cleaned up from face and clothes but the well-known ‘active culture’ still remains alive, at least in the memory of the victim. Monday morning Theodoros Pangalos appeared in a private television program and accused left wing party SYRIZA as responsible for the incident.

OK , this was said some days ago as well, but today the deputy PM went even further. He claimed that “a member of Syriza pays Albanians to attack him” and that Syriza chairman Alexis Tsipras would be responsible for any assassination attempt against him (Pangalos)”.

Furthermore Theodoros Pangalos threatened to file a lawsuit against a man who claimed to Sunday newspaper Proto Thema that it was him who threw the yogurt. This man, whose name was not published claimed further that he is not a member of Syriza.

Anyway, Alexis Tsipas’s answer was prompt. He wrote a letter to Prime Minister George Papandreou and spoke of ‘vulgarity’ as well as of sustained efforts by  Pangalos to target the Left as responsible for every citizen’s reaction against politicians.

In his letter to PM, Tsipras asked the ousting of Pangalos and described his behaviour as “shame for the Republic”. He concluded that any “provocation” on Pangalos’ part  will be deemed to have the consent of the government and prime minister .

Why had I written this? because I simply believe that the row among politicians is getting out of control. And to remind you the health benefits of  yogurt as a living and active culture.

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