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Trikala: Stray Dogs Need Desperate Help – Can you?

Tara is a female dog dumped in a shelter. The frightened beauty was attacked by other dogs and almost bitten to death. The volunteers from Trikala Animal Welfare Society “Argos” managed to take her out, take her to the vet and give her back a descent life – even with one leg less.


Lazarus, a black puppy, was dumped in the municipality premises. he was badly abused. The Argos’ volunteers did their best to save him. With one leg less the now healthy dog shows his gratitude to the volunteer.


These are only some of the heartbreaking stories of unwanted and abused Greek dogs that found medical care, love and a safe heaven  in the arms of  volunteers devoted to animals.

 mom & puppies

A total of 140 stray dogs are being currently taken care in the premises of  the animal shelter in Trikala. In fact, a former municipality shelter of the town of Trikala in Central Greece that was abandoned two years ago, when  the previous mayor of the town stopped all funding and support. Reason? Most likely the usual “Greek stuff’ when it comes to animal welfare. ‘Who gives a damn for strays….’


 The premises were taken under control of five women of Argos who could not let the dogs starve. With their own money, as it’s always the case in Greece – they try to have the shelter running, feed the dogs, sterilize, and pay vets costs when needed.


The cases of abused dogs saved by the volunteers are countless.

But how much money do one has to have to rescue 140 animals? The women have run out of money and the dogs need urgent food and to cover the vet costs caused by the numberous cases of animal abuse in the broader area. There is no support at all by the newly elected mayor who also plans to remove the shelter to an outskirt area.

The volunteers taking care of the animals have estanblished the Filozoikos Sylloso Trikalon ‘Argos” (Animal Werlfare Society of Trikala ‘Argos’ ).

How can you help?

There are several ways set up by other volunteers who want to help these dogs of Trikala. Funding, items donation or even adopt a dog?

You can help these poor dogs either with money donations (see below: Bank or Chipin/Paypal ) or just donate food and other items desperately needed.

For US residents: There is a internet pet store  that can ship your item donations to the Trikala Shelter!

You can donate: a Bag of Biscuits, Dog Food, Medical Supplies, or Funding Donation.

There is also a Wish List to cover the desperate needs of these 140 dogs:
Flea and tick collars and sprays
Dog collars
Heartworm or Frontline Pills (to prevent Heartworms)
Dog Food or Cat Food!!!!

Filozoikos Syllogos Trikalon “o Argos”
32 Miaouli Street
Trikala, Thessaly, Greece 42100

Here is a Website named, “” which will ship items to Greece from the United States. They ship via Fed Ex International.

 Shelter address

Filozoikos Syllogos Trikalon “o Argos”
31 Miaouli Street

Telephone numbers: +30 6973578232, +30 6987357667

English speaking volunteers : Aspa: +30 697 868 2662 and Linda: +30 693 763 6994

e-mail:  [email protected], [email protected]

Bank Account:

 NATIONAL BANK-ACCOUNT No: 833/296037-04

IBAN: GR0701108330000083329603704

There is also the quit donation possibility through Chip In via Paypal !

Please, help them help the dogs in Trikala!

More pictures here and here 

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  1. Thank you so very much for posting about the shelter.

  2. Thank you for Posting, Keep Talking. This is a huge problem caused by society that can only be solved by governmental intervention with the help of animal rescue organizations. The key word is HELP. The Government is NOT doing their share as is generally the case everywhere. So many Greek politicians and so little help for the strays of Greece. Maybe someday…..

  3. @Trikala volunteers.

    δειτε εναν τροπο να οργανωσετε πληρωμες μηνιαιες μεσω πευπαλ για εικονικη υιοθεσια (

    Δυστυχως εγω προσωπικα δεν μπορω να βοηθησω αλλιως, Αννα

  4. Anna, thank you for the information

  5. Jane Calladine

    The Mayor of Trikala now wants to move the Shelter, after the girl’s spent thousands of Euros (out of pocket) to fix up the Shelter, making it a better place for the Animals! The Mayor of Trikala now wants to move the shelter very far out of the town, where there is no Electricity or Running water. He doesn’t provide any funding (not even for food)! We need Powerful Organizations to Please Step up now & Help us!

  6. I do have to admit that the Greeks have made progress in Animal care during the last 20 years, but still have a long way to go. Now, it’s not uncommon to see indoor cats in Greek homes, unlike in the 1980s when my cat used to scare Greeks. I always laughed when someone would see my cat on the couch and say “Oh, look, a cat got in” and try to shoo it away until they realized it was my pet.

    Read newspapers and you’ll still, unfortunately, hear stories of animal abuse by Greek citizens that rarely are punished by authorities.

    But, again, things are looking up for our 4 legged friends in Greece. Keep up the good work on this topic!