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Summer in Athens: Open Air Cinema Season has opened

We, Greeks, really adore to spend the hot summer evenings in an open air cinemas. We love the huge screen and the dark sky above.  We love to see occasionally a falling star and make a wish, while Cameron Diaz chases tough mafia guys or Ralph Fiennes carries Kristin Scott Thomas. Man, we are happy not to be in the desert, but sit in our comfort chair, sipping a cola, nibbling a souvlaki. … And even puffing a cigarette 🙂 Potato chips and pop corn I find very annoying in the movie, whether in an enclosed or an open air one. And people who need to have every explained in whispering voice by their friends – but that’s another story.

As I grew up in a movies-loving family, I have been going to the movies as long as I can remember myself. Comedies, dramas, classics, Greek, Hollywood films… whatever. It was a must in our family even for great-grandma!  Occasionally, we, kids, would attend two performances on Sundays. One performance only for children 11 a.m. and one in the normal cinema in the afternoon.

Of course, we were not allowed to watch  films  ‘too realistic’ (by Bergman for example) or “over 18 only”.  These could be a tough western with lots of blood flowing, a scary thriller or a cosmopolitan film containing hot kisses scenes.

However, we, kids, could ‘resume’ these adult films in summer. As we were lucky to have an open air movie theatre right two streets away from home … well… well… we would take advantage one of  our friends’ house respectively its roof that would give access to half of the movie screen! For Free! Without censorship! From there we could watch all the forbidden blood flowing, all the hot kisses, all the murders with bloody knives and screaming blonds.

I can still remember a night on that roof watching a  James Bond film. There is super “agent 007” Sean Connery, and here are we: a bunch of neighbourhood kids sitting uncomfortable on the stone roof, with the pockets full of salty pumpkin seeds, creating this awful “tsk-tsk” noise – one tsk to break the seed, one tsk to open the pumpkin seed.

I can’t recall exactly how old we were or which oo7- film we were watching. Certainly, I can’t recall either which beauty James Bond was about to kiss. But then following happened:

James Bond puts his arms around his film partner and starts slowly to lean on her thus on the right part of the screen. Sean Connery leans slowly, and we all lean slowly to the right as well. It’s so exciting and thrilling and stunning – you can’t hear even the slightest tsk! We have to definitely catch a glance of JB’s wet lips touching hers… He leans – we lean. He comes closer and we lean more to the right. The moment he does kiss her, we all fall down! Without even tiniest glance of  this passionate kiss. Then tricky 007 kissed his partner on the down right part of the screen, whereas we could see only the upper part of it :(.

I tell you this story so I can proudly announce to you that the summer open movie theaters seasons has open!

I found a list of open air cinemas in Athens, however I didn’t see my favorite one – the municipality open air cinema “Floisvos” in Palaio Faliro.

Cinemas in Greece show films in original language with Greek subtitles. Exception are films for children. However even those you can find in original language,

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