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Larisa: Teacher Muzzles Pupils with Tape

A school teacher silenced two elementary school pupils with a tape because they were talking too much! The pupils managed to unmuzzle themselves and complained to their parents about the unbelievable teacher’s behaviour. On their part, the parents complained to the headmaster who ordered an investigation on the issue and removed the teacher form the class. The two pupils of the 2nd grade had repeatedly refuse to comply with the teacher’s instructions to stop talking in the class room. The incident happened in the town of Larisa in Central Greece.

source: zougla.gr

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  1. If the child had any breathing problems it could have been extremely dangerous. Let’s hope this teacher goes to jail. I would have went straight to the police and my Embassy to ensure it doesn’t get swept under the rug. I have little faith in the Greek public school system. Private is much better.