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“Solidarity Tax”: Middle Classes to pay the bill, again!

Unbelievable! This government doesn’t get it! It is again the low incomes that will pay the bills of the huge debt! According to latest information, the special solidarity tax will be contributed by the low incomers. During the session of the Economics Committee at the Parliament, Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou informed the committee members that  the Solidarity tax will be financed as follows:

Those with yearly income of 12,000-20,000 euro gross will pay 1%

Those with 20,001-50,000 euro will pay 2%

Those with 0ver 50,0001 euro will pay 3%.

So if you hardly manage to come along through the year with 1,000 euro per month you will pay 120 “solidarity tax” per year.

But if you have a generous life with an income of 100,000 euro gross per year, your solidarity contribution with 3% will be 3,000 euro.

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