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Poll: Majority of Greeks Reject the Mid-Term Austerity Package

The majority of Greeks favors the rejection of the Mid-Term Austerity Package, or else also called “Second Memorandum”. According to a public poll conducted by Kapa Research for newspaper TO VIMA, 47.5% of the questioned Greek answered they wanted a down-voting of the II. Memorandum. The voting at Parliament will take place at ethe end of June/begin of July.

In constrast, 1/3, i.e. 34.8% answered they favor the voting so Greece can receive the next tranche of the €110 billion bailout.

17.7% answered “I don’t know/I don’t answer”.

The poll was conducted among 1,208 Greeks across the country on June 14-15, 2011.

 However from 643 asked “Indignant” Greeks at the Syntagma Square 83.8%  answered that they favored the rejection!

“Indignant” Greeks Profile

“Indignant” Greeks declared at 22.7%  to be supporters of governing party PASOK, 14.2% supporters of main opposition party Nea Dimokratia;  21.2%  said, they didn’t support any political party.

Concerning the age groups, 25.3% of the “Indignant” Greeks are 25-34 years old, while  27.4% are 35-49 years old.

23.8% are private sector employees, 13.7% public servants, 13.2% self-employees, 13.7% jobless. 12.9% are students, 14.6% have a university degree.

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