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“Indignant” Greeks walk from Sparta to Athens (pcts, video)

This is Sparta! Indeed. A group of modern Spartans launched a walking march from Sparta to Athens to join the protests outside the Greek Parliament. The group left central Peloponnese on Sunday and is expected to arrive in Athens on Wednesday.

Starting point of the march was the Leonidas Statue, the hero-king of Sparta who defended Greece against the Persian Invasion at the Battle of Thermopylae, in 480 BC.

The group consisting of  men and women said that “the reality we live in is getting more and more pressing and the future of Greece more an more nighmarish. We have to oppose the sold out of Europe and Greece. We say no to Abduction of Europe and we send this message through a symbolic peaceful march to Athens.”

“Indignant” walking…

The Spartans have released a video with English subtitles

Photos & video from Facebook “Indignant” Spartan

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