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Surreal Greece: Taxation According to Age Criteria

That Greeks have been living in real surreal conditions, is something that people live here have been knowing for decades. But now, in times of the Troika, things are getting more and more absurd.  After the tough bargain between the Troika technocrats and Greek Finance Minister on Thursday morning (I will report about it later), a new taxation criteria arose: the age!

According to Greek media reports, the tax free threshold will be down to 8,000 euros (from 12,000) incomer per year. This income is gross and divided by 12 months makes the monthly amount available for a person to live 666  euro. It must have been a real devil behind this calculation then: how much does a person need per month to live a descent life?

Anyway exempted from paying taxes are reportedly those under 30 years old, pensioners over 65,  the jobless, the disabled.

Does it mean that an ambitious employee, 29 years old, with an income of 20,000 euro gross per year will be exempted from tax paying? Or a 68-years-old pensioner and former civil servant with 30,000 euro? I am sure we will know more accurate information when the Finance Minister will announce the new austerity measures after 5 p.m.

Apart from the taxes paying for income starting from 8,001 euro, an additional ‘special contribution’ of 1% to 5% will be raised.

Struggling to get the last cent out of the pockets of Greeks, the Troika will also apply a “trade fees” to self-employed entrepreneurs. It is estimated that per Tax Registration Number the account holder will pay 100 to 300 euros according to geographical and other criteria.

Unconfirmed information speak of a “tail swaying tax” on dogs. Cats will be exempted as the potential furry taxpayers have so much more sophisticated ways to sway their tails and this will complicate  the taxation system, not to mention the possibility of a disastrous impasse…

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  1. Are they trying to get on the good side of the protesters, many of whom are under 30?

    That unconfirmed tail swaying tax will ensure that Riot Dog will be backed by many canine friends, and that spells trouble for law enforcement.

    I hope this plan does not pass, no matter how they change it. Here’s an interesting clip from Mark Weisbrot on why default may be the better option:

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you think they know what they’re doing? I really doubt it slowly… Instead of catching big scale tax evadors they try to fix holes with marmelade… Oh, Oh, Loukanikos reaction would be very angrily lol
      thanks for the link