Saturday , May 25 2019
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Greek Communists Protest Austerity in Acropolis

Tourists in Acropolis got an insight view of what it is to live in a austerity hit country and have a resistance spirit. A group of members of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) labour union PAME erected two banners on the Acropolis rock to protest the austerity – past, present and future. “The people have the power and never surrender – Organize Counterattack” read the huge and multicoloured banners in Greek and English, visible even from long distance.

“We call workers, youth, women to join our popular uprising” PAME said in a statement.  “We will strengthen our struggle with people from all over the world against capitalist brutality so that the brutal measures bankrupting the people will not be applied”.

There are currently some 150 PAME-unionists in the Acropolis.

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  1. I’m sure the tourists were most impressed to see a bunch of anarchists there