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(Upd) Taxi Driver Kills British Tourist in Zakynthos

A 18-year-old British tourist lost his life during a bloody clash with a 21-year-old  taxi driver in Laganas area, on the island of Zakynthos. According to Greek media quoting police information the incident happened at 3 o clock in the morning on the main road of Laganas. The unlucky British tourist, Robert Sebbage, along with six friends had a dispute with two taxi drivers, who at that time were stationed in the street. The taxi drivers got annoyed because the Britons were ‘attacking’ them with laser pens. One of the taxi drivers took a knife hidden in his car and fatally wounded one of the Britons in the heart. Also his friends have wounds in the abdomen and their back.

Immediately after the bloody brawl, the taxi drivers left the area and  threw the knife into the sea.

Three hours later, at 6.30 am, police arrested 21-year old taxi driver in his home. His colleague was arrested later as  accomplice because he was watching and let everything happened without making any efforts to stop the fatal attacks.

This morning divers dived into the sea at the point indicated by the killer and found the knife.
Laganas is a favorite holiday destination for young Britons and there have been often ugly incidents between the residents and the holidaymakers. Residents told Greek media that there have been very often angry arguments between locals and young tourists who seem to lose control after immense consumption of alcohol. Many blames also the lack of police forces. Other accused bar owners of selling cheap alcohol to young tourists just for profit, exploiting the young ages.

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  1. A tragedy for all sides. Good balanced piece by Nick Malkounis in about this.
    He is just missing one thing: there might be a party to all of this that is not mentioned. Or maybe most even do not know about. In the Netherlands there is a hit-series on commercial television called Oh, oh Cherso! It’s a reality soap about Cherisonissos on Krete where a group of Dutch is followed and filmed in all the behaviour we normally associate with British summer guests.… It is all the things that lead to tragedies like this one on Zakynthos. And I find it more than repulsive. But it has nothing at all to do with Greece, but it is shaping a generation of Dutch in their image of our country.