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Greece’s Ruling Party PASOK Postpones Employees’ Payments

Employees at the headquarters of ruling party PASOK are kindly requested to be patient and show understanding over the delay of their monthly salaries. According to Proto Thema newspaper, PASOK’s general secretary sent an sms to PASOK employees explaining the payroll delay of about 15 days with the delay of the sixth aid trance!

The sms was sent on Wednesday at noon time and informing the party staff ( i.e. those working in administrative offices at the party headquarters) that their October salaries to be paid on November 1st, may arrive 15 days later.

“Please be advised that October salaries will be paid until November 15, 2011 due to delay of the third installment of state funding. Thanks for understanding,” wrote the text message  signed by the PASOK’s General Secretary  who is also chief of IKA, the biggest social insurance and pensions fund in Greece.

Proto Thema poses an understandable question: Do political party employees get paid with the Troika’s money? 
The 8-billion-euro aid tranche will is supposely to be givene for the payment of pensions and civil servants’s wages.

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  1. Question: Can we send anm sms stating “Im sorry but due to salary cut and economic situation, I hope you will understand that I can not pay my taxes this year. Thank you for your patients.” I quess not!!!!