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Students’ Uprising-Nov 17, 1973: The Deads and the Songs (Videos)

  Remembering the “Stone Years” of Greek democracy… Every November 17,  mothers and fathers recall the shocking moments when they learned their daughter or son was killied during the uprise – often a young boy or a girl , maybe a passerby. Uptodate the number of deads is unclear, it is estimated to be 16 to 28.

File:Diomedes Komnenos.jpg

Diomedes Komnenos : 16 years old; one of the youngest victims of junta crackdown, killed Nov 16, 1973

 For many Greeks of older generations the Anniversary of  the Student’s uprising revives memories of  deliberate arrests,  physical and psychological torture,, military courts, imprisonment and heavy torture, exile in remoted Greek islands, suppression of political freedoms and civil liberties, oppression and fear.

The Slaughterhouse

I believe the best way to transfer the atmosphere is through art. That’s through Music first of all…

I found this song called “The Slaughterhouse” (Το σφαγείο), transmitting the desperate feeling of tortured and imprisonment

 Music/Lyrics  Mikis Theodorakis …. the per se resistance composer

Lyrics: The Slaughterhouse

At noon they are beating up in the office

I count the beatings, the blood I count

I am a fatling, shut in a slaughterhouse

today you, tomorrow me

In the evening they are beating Andreas up in the terrace

I count the beatings, the pain I count

behind the wall we will be together again

“tock, tock” from you, “tock, tock” from me ”

Which means, in this mute language

I am holding strong, I am holding on

  • In our hearts the festival begins

    “tock tock” from you, ‘”tock tock” from me

    Our slaughterhouse smelt of thyme

    and our cell of  red sky

  • Video M. Theodorakis/Vassilis Papaconstantinou

    Start of the struggle (Πάλης Ξεκίνημα)

    The lyrics were written by Alexandros Panagoulis (1939-1976), Greek politician and poet, long time companion of Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci.

     On trial by the junta

    Alexandros Panagoulis, a tragic figure of  the resistence against the military junta (1967-1974), became famous through his attempt to assassinate dictator Georgios Papadopoulos on 13 August 1968 , but also for the torture that he was subjected to during his detention. He was killed on May 1, 1976 during a car accident. Many raised suspicion that he was murdered in order to prevent him for publishing his files about the military police.

    Lyrics: Start of Struggle/The First Deads

    Start of Struggle
    New Fights
    Leaders of Hope
    The first deads.

    No more tears
    Graves are closed
    Freedom compost
    The first deads.

    Fire Flower
    comes out of tombs
    sent message
    The first deads.

    Tey will get answer
    unity and struggle
    in order to find rest
    The first deads

    Video– Music: M. Theodorakis, Lyrics: A. Panagoulis, Performance: Theodorakis/Maria Farantouri

     Footage: Pictures from Students’ Uprising

    information sources and links: wikipedia

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