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“Euros For No One”: Dinner-For-One Satire with Merkel and Sarkozy (video)

The new Year Classic “The 90. Birthday – Dinner For One” in a very current version. With German chancellor Angela Merkel as Miss Sophie, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy as the Buttler. In the original, Miss Sophie celebrates her birthday with her friends, deceased long time ago. And every year, the birthday ends with both Miss Sophie and her buttler James totally drunk.

This modern version has the title “The 90. Rescue Summit –  Euros For No One”. According to the scenario:
Every month Miss Merkel makes a rescue Summit for the Euro.
Her guests are the most important statesmen of Europe. The only problem is that there is no statesmen left in the Euro Zone to attend Merkel’s Euro Summit. “Noone is left here except the two of us” says Sarkozy at one point.

Merkel as Miss Sophie, and Sarkozy as Butler James have fun, they drink. chat and cheer, they chink their glasses to the health of (ex) Greek PM Papandreou and Spaniard Zapatero!

 The film ends with the standard dialogue “Same procedure as last year, Miss Merkel? – Same procudure as every year, Nici!” and up they go to the bedroom.

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Video as broadcast by German state ARD on Dec 30/11- unfortunately I couldn’t find a version with English subtitles.

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Here you can watch the original Dinner For One in English and read its short description.

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  1. Even when Ms. Merkel warns not to forget that in Europe we speak German now, I just found a version with English subtitles:

    Click the little CC button to display the subtitles.