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The Prism GR2011: The Greek Crisis in 3′ and 15″ (video)

The lenses of 14 photojournalists made it possible to capture the agony of Greeks living deep in the economic crisis. From Evros in north-eastern Greece down to Crete in the south, and from Macedonia to Dodecanese, the reporters gave their own view of the Greek crisis. 27 multimedia stories explore the different dimensions of the affected nation. It mirrors the pain of pensioners, of young people and even of elementary school children.

“In January 2010, Greece was hit by an unprecedented economic crisis. The arrival of the IMF marked the beginning of a series of revelations, forcing all those connected to Greece to go through a process of self-reflection. Greeks found themselves confronted with multiple questions regarding not only the future but also the past of the Greek nation and its role in the international terrain. Amongst the ruins and collapsing image of a country at a historical turning point, who are the heroes that emerge from the settling dust?” write the filmmakers Nikos Katsaounis and Nina Maria Paschalidou on their website The Prism

Κrisis trailer από Flixgr

“Krisis is a feature documentary film that fuses the material collected during the filming of The Prism GR2011. It is the synthesis of the different stories narrated in The Prism GR2011, into a feature documentary that explores how Greece and the Greeks are experiencing the crisis, looking into the hearts of the people. It is also an experiment in collective documentary filmmaking, combining different perspectives on Greece, as seen through the lenses of 14 photojournalists. It echoes the voices of people from all walks of life, in an attempt to tell the story of the Greek crisis through the reflections of the team-members who made The Prism possible.” Filmmakers Katsaounis and  Paschalidou conceived The Prism as an innovative way to share their stories.

The documentary was completed in November 2011. It took part in the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam. The documentary participates at the FIPA film Festival in France.
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