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Greek Coalition Gov’ Partner Threatens Not to Sign Troika’s MoU

Greece’s lenders pressure the party leaders forming the coalition government to put down their signatures under the new loan agreement, the new Memorandum of Understanding containing austerity measures that will elimination large parts of the Greek society, threatening ‘No signature, No Money’. Here comes one of the coalition gov’ partners, far-right LAOS, and proposes to give his verbal commitment instead his signature. 

“I will give in in all issues but not in our national pride,” LAOS chairman Yiorgos Karatzaferis told the Greek Parliament. Furthermore he stressed that only the Prime Minister should put his signature, while the Troika should accept the leaders commit themselves with their  “political honor”.

“This loan agreement should be signed by the prime minister because that what the Troika demands,  i.e. the signatures of the political leaders, will be met with strong reactions, first of all out of principle”, Karatzaferis said, adding “We will commit ourselves with our political honor, but nobody should expect a signature of humiliation.” (source: TO VIMA)

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  1. The political parties are trying to side-step a signature to austerity measures just so they can denounce them at the next election. The “Government of National Unity” was formed so that the people could see that what was happening was in the nation’s interest, not just one parties take on it. But, as usual, everyone is looking out for themselves and ignoring the needs of the country. The Government of National Unity is a joke, there is no national unity, just self interest. Perhaps the people who object to the demands of the EU would like to list what measures they would take to put the economy back on track and how, if the revised MoU isn’t signed, and the loan not handed over, they intend to meet their financial obligations. The rhetoric must stop and action must be taken. Why can’t these people work together in this country’s interest instead of destroying it in their own interest.

  2. “political honor”

    Now THATs an oxymoron if ever there was one! 😆

  3. No signature–No Money is one I’d support. Who in any non-backwards country would even consider not signing a loan agreement??? This is becoming very Elladastan indeed.

  4. Oh, forgot to add. I assume Laos candidate is just grandstanding with this comment. An analogy is sort of what the leader of Iran did when our US aircraft carrier left the gulf reacently like a stray dog who chases you as your leaving, telling the US “Don’t come back” but as our next Aircraft Carrier has arrived, they have suddenly backed down on their mangus behavior. So, I assume Laos will sign once the soundbyte wears off….

    • what’s a real joke to compare the leader of a powerful country with the leader of a politicla party that gets 5-6% in the voters’ preference.

  5. KTG, fair enough but in Greece, this LAOS guy has a bit of power now to keep him in the news for awhile. Am I right?

    • yes, I quote him more since he became coalition gov’ partner. Moreover there are other politicians, who will hardly manage to get in the parliament in the next elections and they are always in the news and say something to anything.