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Culture Minister Submitted Resignation Over Ancient Olympia Robbery

Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pavlos Geroulanos, submitted his resignation to Prime Minister, Lucas Papademos, over an armed robbery at the old museum of Ancient Olympia early on Friday morning. Greek media report, that two men wearing hoods broke into the museum, threatened the guard with guns, tied her up and gagged. Subsequently they stole at least  65 small  objects of great value. The objects – two golden, several made of bronze and clay, were illustrating the history of the Olympic game.

The robbers fled and the police has launched a manhunt to catch them.

It is the second robbery that hurts the Ministry of Culture in a short time. In January, robbers broke into the National Gallery in Athens and stole paintings of Picasso, Mondrian and Caccia.

It has not be known yet, whether Papademos accepted Geroulanos’ resignation.

PS One guard at the Museum with priceless artifacts? That’s the costly price of austerity…

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  1. Good morning KTG! When I was little my Papou used to take me to the fields and tell me not to follow too close behind the mule for obvious reasons. This advise is good for Finland, Poland , the Dutch and others who are following frau merkel. It would seem yet another german president of germany is resigning due to scandal. This is the second president that merkel pushed to the presidency who has resigned due to scandal. That makes her 0 for two. How is her judgement? Merkel and the other countries question whether Greece can be trusted? they should look in thier own houses first. Like our President said who are They to put us down? Well like Forest Gump, said that’s all I have to say about that!

    • oops! who was the first German president to have resigned?

      • Horst Kohler resigned May 31, 2010 from the same CDU party. Now if Sorkozy loses his bid in france she might be known as the kiss of death for backing anyone in politics. Hey merkel do you feel that? That is the ground falling out from beneath you. 🙂

    • It’s even worse. In countries like Germany it is never one man/woman who makes those decisions alone (unlike here in Greece). Even a Prime Minister like Merkel is not the Pasha who makes those calls alone.
      So it tells that the whole top of Germany (party, civil servants and industry leaders) is having a real problem making sound decisions.
      On the other hand… it might be a cunning Greek plot to topple her??? 😀

  2. A Cultured Samurai Minister in Japan would have arrived at Ancient Olympia and request an honorable place to commit hara-kiri (i.e. stomach-cutting)… as originally quoted by The Honorable Mr. Polydoras Granas, ex-Minister of “The Greek Public Order”.