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Corinth: Dramatic Dog Rescue (video)

Crews from Greek search and rescue brigades (EMAK) rescued a little dog from the slopes of the Isthmus of Corinth. The dog had left his home a few hours earlier. He was trapped in the slopes and was unable to return to safe land. The onwers called the fire brigades that immediately sent a rescue crew.

The little dog looked scared. He was trapped in a 50-meter long path.  At a dangerous area where no human would be able to reach by foot. The desperate owners were watching every move of the rescue team efforts to give a happy end to the dog’s drama. 

After the rescue was successful completed the exhausted dog was returned to the arms of the relieved owners who burst into tears.

Video: Dramatic Dog Rescue

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The footage was filmed by Korinthos TV , pictures from

Ps after this awful adventure the dog will think twice before he leaves the home yeard again….

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  1. Finally something good. Thanks KTG 🙂

  2. For a change a rescue with a happy ending.

    Well done that man.

  3. Great! Kudos for the rescuers! The little dog was lucky!

  4. yay! 🙂 Bravo – nice story – Brave and awesome Greeks!

  5. What a fairy tale story! Me and my friend saw the dog and went to the fire station to ask them if they can do anything about it. The dog was homeles, there was no owners to burst into tears. Neither the rescuers went immediately. They actually refused to help on the first place, but decided to help after spiteful post in FB. There is no way that they know the dog has been there few hours. In fact apparently it’s been there for 3 days, according to the kids playing around. Also those photos are mine and it is disrespectful to post them with someone else’s stamp.