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PM Papademos: These Elections Decide About Greece’s Future

Caretaker prime minister of Greece and ex-banker Lucas Papademos made a crucial statement, just a few days before Greeks rush to voting booths. “The elections willl decide on the future of the country,” Papademos told to his government cabinet ministers on Wednesday.  

In a few days we will hand out the baton to the government that will emerge from the elections on  Sunday. the elections decide on the strategic orientation of Greece. They will decide about the country’s future for the upcoming decades, not just about which government will be formed after the elections. So I think the public debate should focus to the better understanding of the reality as well. But I am sure that the decisions of citizens will be facing tomorrow and not the past.

Papademos was speaking at the last cabinet meeting of his government. The thanked the ministers for their cooperation and the work they achieved.

PS I personally wound’t be that sure. Then broke Greek voters face a broke future with more austerity measures and tend to vote according to very recent past experience…. I hope Greeks won’t have to listen to this message also on a televised form.

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