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Crete: Elections Candidate Withdraws Due To …Impoverishment

Independent candidate and founder of the unofficial movement “Jobless Youth of Lasithi” withdrew his participation at Greek elections 2012 race due to impoverishment. “I had no money for my campaign”  Georgios Gkrouzakis, 25, declared in a statement  “no money for leaflets and posters, no money to set up campaign  kiosks or pay the rent for campaign halls.”

But most important, Gkrouzakis who apparently besides the shortage of financial means and also a shortage of volunteers to help him with his campaing  had no money to print 85,000 ballot papers as he was asked by the authorities.

Without ballot papers “nobody could be able to vote for me” the young man from Crete wrote and added “Furthermore, even if all my supporters would vote for me, I would be unable to claim a seat at the parliament according to the Election Law, even thought the Supreme Court accepted me as candidate.”

Considering his candidacy as “meaningless” Georgios Gkrouzakis withdrew it.

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