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Greek Caretaker PM Meets President on “Issues that Urgently Need to be Addressed”

Caretaker Prime Minister and ex-banker  Lucas Papademos visited President Karolos Papoulias on Friday afternoon amid signs that the forming of a coalition government after May-6 elections seems difficult if not impossible.

“I came to brief you about the developments in the economy and the international markets as well as about economic and foreign policy matters that needed to be immediately addressed,” Papademos told Papoulias in front ot reporters and before the two men started to talk behind closed doors.

As efforts to form a govenrment have failed so far, Greek media report that the meeting has to do with Greece’s representation at the EUROGROUP/ECOFIN meeting on May 14/15, at the EU summit on May 23 in Burssels and NATO Summit on May 20 in Chicago where it is very possible that the issue of participation of FYROM in the North Atlantic Alliance will be discussed.

Another important issue is the payment of the bond of 435 million euro that matures on May 15. Whether it will be paid or not it is a political decision and caretaker finance minister Philippos Sachinidis cannot sign any comittment concerning the next Greek government.

A question is what kind of government would lead the country to elections.

The president is expected to call political leaders over the weekend in a last attempt for a unity government.

Should this attempt also fail, the president will have to appoint a caretaker government to take the country to fresh elections.

The president can appoint the presidents one of the three supreme courts of the country as prime minister or a third person. To the appointment of the third person, the major parties of the parliament have to agree upon.

Will Papademos take the country to next elections?

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