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Greek President To Meet Party Leaders on Sunday- Last Gov’ Attempt Before Repeat Elections

President of Greece Karolos Papoulias seems to have “nuggets of optimism” that he can manage to bring together a broader coalition government. Papoullias said so while meeting Evangelos Venizelos, when leader of PASOK was returning the mandate to form a government on Saturday noon. The third failed attempt within five days.

The President will call the political leaders on Sunday, May 13th 2012, and attempt to find a solution for the intractable government problem which Papoulias described as “Gordian Knot”.

According to the scheduled released by the office of the President, Karolos Papoulias will hold a joint meeting with Samaras(ND), Tsipras (SYRIZA) and Venizelos (PASOK) at 12 o clock noon.

After that Papoulias will separately meet Kammenos (INDEPENDENT GREEKS), Papariga (KKE), Michaloliakos (CHRYSI AVGI) and Kouvelis (DEMOCRATIC LEFT).

A government without SYRIZA rather impossible, as it emerged second at the May-6 elections.

Will Papoulias be able to cut the knot? Is he able to ‘think outside the box” – so to say – , come up with a ‘revolutionary’ option and persuade the political party leaders at least of ND, SYRIZA, PASOK and DEMLEFT?

During their meeting on Saturday, Venizelos advised Papoulias to move towards “a national unity government with the option to last two years”. Papoulias has served in the past as PASOK minister.

If no consent is achieved the president will appoint a caretaker government to head the country to repeat elections, most probably on June 10th or June 17th.


 After the clear ‘NO” by SYRIZA on Friday to join a ND-PASOK-DEMLEFT government with the argument that ‘this would mean a pro-bailout coalition’, a storm of angry reactions by its almost- to- be- government -partners have been landing on the left-wing party -as expected.

Tsipras’s stance is understandable: How could he push for anti-bailout policies in a government with pro-bailout ND-PASOk majority? Every time he would try an anti-bailout legislation ND-PASOK would reject it with the argument “This would lead the country out of euro and the total collapse.” Such a fragile government would soon collapse as well, by the way.

Tsipras did not bite the bait during the week talks and it looks he won’t on Sunday neither.

And people seem not to bite the  slogan “SYRIZA=Euro Exit” chanted by pro-bailout forces either.

Latest Public Survey: SYRIZA first party

In the last public opinion survey conducted by Metron Analysis  and published by newspaper “Ependytis” today, Saturday, SYRIZA gains in support, while ND and PASOK are on decline.

In “voting intention” SYRIZA comes up to 20.2% emerging as first party.

All other parties are on decline when compared to May-6 elections result. Specifically they would get :

ND 17.3%, PASOK 11.6%, INDEP GREEKS 8.4%, KKE 4.2%, DEMLEFT 4.3% and Chrysi Avgi 3.7%.

In “estimation of votes“:

SYRIZA 25.5%, ND 21.7%, PASOk 14.6%, INDEP GREEKS 10.5%, DEMLEFT 5.4%, KKE 5.3%, CHRYSI AVGI 4.7%

5o% of the respondants said they favor a centre-left government, while only 34% favor a centre-right government.

On May-6 voters in big cities casted a vote for left governance, while the countryside casted vote for a ND-PASOK governance.

Repeat Elections & New Leaders

For the time being, the river flows unstoppable on anti-bailout policies and Greeks seem willing to take any risk by bringing SYRIZA into power, even thought the party’s economic programme is not clear. However it does not look as if SYRIZA would manage a majority government even with the 50-seats bonus.

Repeat elections would most probably end in a SYRIZA-DEMLEFT coalition with voters , who have fled from far left to far right during the May -6 elections, to give clear decision.

At the same time, ND and PASOK are in turmoil, as Samaras failed to meet his pre-elections campaign slogan of  a “majority government” and Venizelos brought the party to historical low rates.

On Friday, Venizelos dissolved the political council of PASOk and formed a committee consisting only of elected MPs, as many heavy names were failed to be elected. Venizelos spoke of the next leader being “somebody at his thirty’s.”

Should ND and PASOK fail in repeat elections, change in the party leadership seems inevitable.

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  1. With the growing popularity of Syriza as a threat, no other party should be interested in new elections within a month. The risk of losing support by taking part in a government that implements unpopular reforms may actually be lower than the risk of losing voters to Tsipras’ demaguery. So, there is a small chance that after weighing the pros and cons, Kouvelis and/or Kamenis may prefer entering the coalition now to a defeat at the ballot box in June. Everything depends on Papoulias now and his ability to force reason into the heads.