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Extreme May-Weather Conditions: Blame Tsipras for Refusing to Join Greek Government!

Greek National Weather Forecast EMY announced extreme weather conditions with heavy rain and even storms in western, central and northern parts of the country. In Athens, the sun has long ago  disappeared behind clouds bearings billions of water drops. Far outside, at the horizon the dark blue sea joined the grey no-good-omen bring sky. Temperature dropped to levels unusual for the season. My cat sought shelter from the upcoming catastrophe in the darkest corner of the wardrobe, She even open a suitcase and pushed out my favorite winter pullover. 

Weather experts are puzzled about the sudden weather deterioration that came less than 24-hours after debt-ridden Greeks spent Sunday at the beach enjoying swimming and outdoor sports like the nerving Click-Clack of rackets.

On Monday afternoon, short before the skies open and pour over our heads, simple men and women get on their knees and make the cross sign.

Blame Tsipras  for Extreme Weather Conditions.

However a scenario of apparently logical and alleged scientifically proven explanation makes the round son Greek internet: That left-wing SYRIZA leader, Alexis Tsipras, was to blame for the extreme May weather conditions. For refusing to join the coalition government talks.

Tsipras’ wanna-be coalition partners Samaras (ND), Venizelos (PASOK) and Kouvelis (Democratic Left) threaten that Tsipras governance plans will push the country out of the euro. At the same time, they urge him to join a coalition government with them, while they accuse him for solely bearing the responsibility for the upcoming collapse (euro exit, rain, storms) of the modern Greek world.

Tsipras urges them to proceed to a 3-party coalition as they have a 168-seats majority in the parliament. Why don’t they do it?

I fail to see any logic here…

PS Seriously talking: rain is indeed expected today and tomorrow but we will not sink, fall apart and collapse due to weather…

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  1. My favourites of the day.

  2. “However a scenario of apparently logical and alleged scientifically proven explanation makes the rounds on Greek internet:
    that left-wing SYRIZA leader, Alexis Tsipras, was to blame…”

    You people are very fine, don’t you?

  3. “Tsipras urges them to proceed to a 3-party coalition as they have a 168-seats majority in the parliament. Why don’t they do it?
    I fail to see any logic here…”

    The logic is simple and quite plain to see, imho: Whoever joins that government will have to pass unpopular laws and consequently lose voters. Those who stay outside in opposition and snipe at the actors will profit. That’s why Kouvelis insists on getting Tsipras on board. However, this is a shortsighted view, imho. When there are new elections, Syriza will profit, too. So the best chance for the other parties is to form a government without Tsipras and hope it will last long enough that there will be a recovery of the economy. Then they can run in a new election as saviours of the Greek nation. Best chance they have to avoid being crushed by Syriza, imho.

    However, they may have a different, more cynical idea: Maybe they want Tsipras to form a government in June, only to see him spectularly fail (since his strange plan, Euro without austerity, can’t work, given the financial situation). The Radical Left would be totally trainwrecked as a political force and the old guard may get back into power again. Whatever those guys really think, one thing seems to be certain: They care more about their own political future than about Greece.

  4. Actually, Syriza plan is the only workable one, there’s no way out for Greece without demolishing this mountain of debts as was proven in the cases of Argentine and Iceland. But this of course means huge losses to the euroean banks. PASOC and ND are probably aware of it, but it’s their Master Voice that they are listening to.

    • Syriza’s official plan can’t work. Without austerity, the budget will increase again, and the troika won’t finance that. And other investors, neither. So, the only way Tsipras can fund improvements is by printing new Drachmes. And I guess that’s his hiddean plan.