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UPD: PM Samaras Hospitalized with Retinal Detachment

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, 61, was urged to Attikon-hospital at Friday noon, where doctors diagnosed the beginning of retinal detachment. Greek media and a press release by the PM office say, Samaras will undergo surgery tomorrow, Saturday.

According to some media, the detachment may have occurred due to overwork or excessive stress.

UPD: After a thorough check at the hospital Samaras returned to his office.

Info Box:

Initial symptoms of retinal detachment are flashing lights and floaters (spots, little flies), in more severe cases, a curtain in the view. According to ophthalmologists, causes for retinal detachment can be cataract surgery, or  trauma to the eye. Retinal detachments can occur at any age. They occur most commonly in younger adults (25-50 years of age) who are highly nearsighted (myopic) and in older people following cataract surgery.



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  1. Do they have the proper medicines for him? 😛

  2. It’s almost certainly caused by the stress of lying bigtime. Anyone saying that he can lead Greece out of the crisis is just talking bullshit — and the stress will play havoc with any structural defects.

    Interestingly, this is analogous to what happened with the eurozone: the US banking collapse put stress on the euro, and its weakest structural component was the Greek economy.

    BTW, his condition cannot be so serious, or they would operate today. I guess that he will have corrective laser surgery to solve the early detachment. I had major emergency reconstructive surgery for detachment in 1994 (in Athens, on a research trip) and the recovery period was very long — months just to see again and work normally, and over a year in reality.

  3. Poor guy, he’s going to miss the Greece-Germany match!

  4. “Initial symptoms of retinal detachment are flashing lights and floaters” FLOATERS!?!?!? hahahahaha , so, dropping like flies on a bad turd right? 2 down, 27 to go…Greece might get a government for the people yet!

  5. “overwork or excessive stress” lol….funny stuff…