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Veria: Court Clears Chrysi Avgi Members, Punishes the Plaintiff

A court in Veria, Northern Greece, cleared seven out of eight members and supporters of the extreme-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) of charges of assault against the owner of a local coffee shop. One defendant received a four-month jail sentence suspended for 3 years for causing physical damage. 

The same punishment and for the same reason was received by the middle-aged owner of the coffe shop, who had filed the charges against the GD members as the defendants had brought charges against him.

The court annulled the proceedings against the seven members because the plaintiff had failed to pay the fee of 100 euro – an administrative fee aked when one files a law suit. He had brought charges for ‘threat’ and ‘insult’.

“Physical damage” automatically calls the prosecutor, while the other defences need a law suit.

Members and supporters of GD had attacked the coffee shop and injuring the owner and causing damages at the coffee shop a week before June 17 elections,  after a scuffle between them and a group of ‘leftists’.

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  1. All this 100 euro fee does is keep poor immigrants from filing against their attackers. What a shame….

    • keeptalkinggreece

      and animal lovers aginast animal abusers, and neighbors against neighbors etc etc

  2. I can tell you that a very high proportion of judges in northern Greece are ignorant fascists (from personal contact). I can also tell you that Veria was the town where they refused to allow an Albanian schoolboy with perfect Greek and the top grades of his school to carry the Greek flag on Oxi-Day — on two occasions. And where the parents conspired to export their racist crap across Greece, pressuring schools in other regions to kick out foreigners.

    So, Veria is obviously a haven for neo_Nazis and all of Greece should condemn the thugs who live there. Instead of which, the useless fucking Greek newspapers say NOTHING.

    May I propose that all Greek newspapers and TV channels (with the possible exceptions of Proto Thema and the channel associated with it) be closed down? There is simply no point in having crap recycled, when you can read it in English on the web from all the US and UK crappy newspapers.

  3. Veria had Israel ambassador there recently give award to Greeks who save the Jew from Nazi in 1942

    • Presumably the people there who saved Jews are not members of Chryssi Avgi, who actually deny the existence of the Holocaust.