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UPD: IKA Settles Company’s Insurance Debts in 4,700 Tranches – Last Payment in 2404!

 No, it’s not a typo, but it’s certainly the joke of the next four centuries! Greece’s biggest insurance fund IKA found a very generous way to help a private company to pay outstanding debts in social security contributions. The company will have the possibility to pay to IKA 300,000 euro in 4,700 tranches. According to the arrangement the last tranche will be due on March 31st 2404!.

The relevant question about the scandal was submitted by Giorgos Kyritsis, MP of coalition government partner Democratic Left. The unbelievable settlement of outstanding debts of a private company with state institutions was recently revealed by alternative monthly magazine HOT DOC.
Upon the question of Kyritsis, Secretary of Labour, Social Security and Welfare, Nikos Panagiotopoulos expressed lack of knowledge and surprise. The settlement was documented with a registered decision by IKA.
” We have to investigate the issue, we’ll take the document to IKA” the surprised secretary assured the MP.
The name of the company has not been revealed, but every Greek internet user seems to know it… 🙂
Really mean Greek internet users calculated the tranche to be a little less than 64 euro per month.
UPDATE: In a statement IKA categorically dismissed the claim that there were outstanding debts arrangements of 400 years.
PS I don’t remember exactly. What’s the tranche of emergency property tax for 2012? Something like 125 euro?

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  1. Which company is it? And, more important, which IKA ETAM?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      hehe – check the link comments section. which IKA? the big guys IKA…lol

      • Hmmm, I never read comment sections… except on your excellent blog with it’s first class commentators, of course.
        Their list of Strategic Partnerships is impressive. No IKA mentioned their though. 😆