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Salamina: Egyptian Migrant Beaten And Tied on a Tree

A shocking picture on Sunday morning:  a man tied with an iron chain on a tree. His beaten face was swollen, he was in a stage of shock. Passers by alarmed the police that needed a special tool to cut the chain and free the unlucky victim of a brutal assault. The man, of Egyptian origin was taken to the hospital for treatment.

 The victim told police officers that he was beaten and chained on the tree by his employer, a baker.

The baker was arrested in the afternoon and he told police that he punished the man because he caught him stealing.

The unprecendeed assault occurred in Ambelakia area of Salamina, some 60 km west from Athens.

On Sunday noon, a migrant from Bangladesh  migrant was stabbed on the leg by three Greek men in Palaio Faliro suburb of south Athens, so the police.

Racist motivated attacks have sharply increased in recent months with right-wing extremists launching organized attacks against undocumented and documented migrants.



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  1. Authorities need to act swiftly and harshly to this owner. I hate to say it but this sounds like early 1900s in America with racists and blacks. We live in Europe in 2012, and I hope the Greek Justice makes an example out of this bakery owner with at least some actual jail time, and not just paying a fine. But, I assume I can just dream.

  2. Now that is what I call one tough boss. Weird thing is it looks like he didn’t care about the consequences from leaving the victim alive with a tongue in his head. At least he didn’t deny doing it.

    • The real scary thing is that he probably was sure that what he could get away with with his dog he also could do to this ‘foreigner’. And a lot of his friends will have applauded him for it or at least be totally surprised that he would be arrested for this.

    • Jean, that is the whole point. Greece has become a society where Greeks can attack foreigners and KNOW that NOTHING will happen to them. If you read the HRW report, it tells the stories of supporters of Xrisi Avgi that were arrested briefly and put into the same cell as the immigrant they attacked, and then bragging to each other and taunting the immigrant by saying “We are Greeks” and we will be released and you will stay. And truth be told, they were right.