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“Return Home”: Greek Police Says “Goodbye” to non-EU Foreigners in 13 Languages

Greek Police will distribute one and a half million leaflets translated into 13 languages and dialects to foreigners from third countries and inform them about the program ‘return home’. The leaflet has been translated into English, French, Spanish, Albanian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Bengali, Kurdish, Farsi, Urdu, Pashtun and Dari and the cost of the project is mainly covered by the European Return Home Fund.

Greek Police plans several activities to inform the non-EU citizens how to return to their home countries: information stands and vans , distributions of leaflets to municipalities, Foreigners’ Department, migrant organisations, diplomatic missions.

The program was designed by Athens Aliens Directorate in cooperation with the Press Office of Ministry for Public Order & Citizen Protection, in order to increase the returns of non-EU foreigners back home without incurring cost. (

PS Of course, if these foreigners could spare 300,001 euro and invest into real estate , they would most probably were allowed to stay here…

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    • who so you think wrote this?

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